Whitepaper "The end of business diversity?"


Das Telefonbuch

Campaign duration

01.11.2019 – ongoing


37.319.480 (February 2020)

Whitepaper “The end of business diversity?”


  • Generation of visibility and awareness of Das Telefonbuch
  • Sharpening the profile of Das Telefonbuch as a competent and committed partner for medium-sized companies


  • Elaboration and publication of the white paper “The end of business diversity” with sender of the “Initiative for business diversity”
  • Research and evaluation of available statistical data, among others of the static state offices and IHKs for trade, retail, craft and training
  • Development of the Business Vitality Index (GVI) as a measure with which the general and industry-specific development of small businesses can be illustrated and compared regionally down to the district level
  • Involvement of initiative experts from the fields of science and business with contributions and interviews
  • Generation of reports in national and regional media about exclusive cooperations and appropriate play-out of regional topics

Activation channels:

  • National and regional daily newspapers
  • Message Magazine
  • Info Hub
  • Social media


  • Media presence in BILD, SPIEGEL, Handelsblatt and Die Welt and others, daily newspapers and radio stations (Deutschland Funk)
  • Generation of resonance up to the political level with inquiries from the Economic Council of the Free State of Thuringia and other associations for keynote speeches