Brand Launch LR ALOE VIA


LR Health & Beauty


8 aloe vera care lines for the whole family

Campaign type

Brand launch, product campaign

Campaign duration

01.07.2017 - 30.06.2018


48,3 Mio. contacts

LR Health & Beauty:
Brand Launch LR ALOE VIA


  • Introduction and establishment of the new brand LR ALOE VIA in the media
  • The relevance of the aloe vera plant’s active ingredient in the beauty sector
  • Increase awareness of the company LR Health & Beauty


  • Development of a whitepaper “All about aloe vera” to provide background information to editors
  • Development of a storyline for broad media adaptation
  • Visits to beauty editors and beauty press days to personally introduce the new brand
  • Generate media coverage through the continuous creation of product momentum
  • Targeted product sales and cooperations
  • Extend the story into the regional media through consumer-oriented service topics
  • Influencer Relations: Product Cooperations “LR ALOE VIA: What percentage of Aloe do I allow myself?”


  • 347 publications
  • Total reach: 48,3 Mio. contacts