Initiative for business diversity


Das Telefonbuch

Campaign duration

03.07.2018 – ongoing

"Initiative for business diversity"


  • Generation of National Awareness of The Telephone Book in the context of an SME-relevant topic
  • Create Reporting Events for “Das Telefonbuch”
  • Profiling “Das Telefonbuch” as an impetus in a problem area that is relevant to advertisers


  • Development of as a central activation platform
  • Establishment of a network of ally experts from the fields of science and practice as well as regional project groups
  • Regular use of the info hub with relevant content: expert interviews, best practice cases, etc.
  • Generation of reporting in national and regional media on exclusive cooperation and press offices

Activation channels:

  • Advertising material at the POS
  • Info-Hub
  • Social Media presence


  • 630 Visits a week (As of December 2018)
  • 6 experts and 13 Project groups (As of December 2018)
  • Media presence in BILD, FAZ, Die Welt and other national newspapers
  • Radio co-operations with RPR1, SAW, radio TON and more